Whether you’re looking for an in-line store, kiosk, restaurant or office, S+ Plaza is the place to be. Centrally located in Montreal, the plaza is north of the Old Port and south of bustling Sainte Catherine Street, which attracts millions of tourists from North America and abroad. Also, S+ Plaza is the most commercially valuable area in the busy Chinatown where business hours last up to 12 hours per day.  


S+ Plaza offers a convenient, exciting and cost-efficient way of owning and running your own business. We respect and value our tenants, big and small, old and new. We invite you to be a part of it.  


Our team of leasing experts, backed by marketing and general management professionals, is passionate about meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of today's retailers and customers. To see how we can help you meet your strategic and business objectives, contact us at (514) 393-6618 ou admin@swatowgroup.com